New Product: Remote Power Manager, RPM-EV6 Series

New models offer power monitoring and management from anywhere in the world

Last week, Minuteman announced the release of three new Minuteman Remote Power Managers, the latest addition to a line of remote power management solutions. The RPM-EV6 series of products are IP-addressable managers that allow administrators and technicians to remotely control the power to connected servers, network equipment, and security devices, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming service calls to reboot unresponsive devices. By using an RPM, a locked-up device can be quickly re-started from a PC, lap-top, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world.

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Wireless Networks in Healthcare

Wireless installation in hospitals and heath care facilities creates unique challenges, including mitigation of Airborne Infectious Disease, satisfying Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) procedures and the TIA-1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard, and HIPAA compliance.

In many facilities, it was a common practice to install the Wireless Access Point, or WAP, by clipping it onto the ceiling grid. The installer would then route the data cable
into the space above the ceiling by either poking a “mouse-hole” through the ceiling tile or lifting the ceiling tile enough to push the cable through, leaving a gap in the
ceiling system.
Clipping APs onto ceiling tile grids is no longer an acceptable method for wireless access point installation in most healthcare facilities. because of a number of factors such as:
The gap leaves an opening for the transmission of Airborne Infectious Disease. The gap also degrades the intentional and specified differential air pressure designed into hospital spaces and the gap compromises the specified Burn Rating and smoke barrier of the ceiling system.

Terminating Cat6a Plugs In The Field

As many of you know, putting an RJ45 plug on a cat5 or cat6 cable takes a bit of practice. Getting the twists tight almost to the tip on the newer cat 6a plugs can be really challenging. When you are terminating cable on the ground at a well-lit work … [Continue reading]

Speco Technologies Releases New WiFi Camera with Pan/Tilt Capabilities

The new Speco Technologies O2CP2 features motorized pan and tilt capabilities for complete control and coverage. With a 350° pan and a -10° to 75° tilt range, the O2CP2 can be remotely controlled through the Speco Connect mobile app, so users can … [Continue reading]

How to Test POE for IP Security Cameras

The wiring of security cameras has become much easier since the introduction of Power over Ethernet (POE). The system is simple, although some basic rules need to be followed to ensure that the camera receives power. When something goes wrong, the … [Continue reading]

Emerson Network Power Enhances Platform of IP-Based KVM Systems with Introduction of High-Performance Extenders

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Preparing For The Next Generation WIFI

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Weather is the number one cause for power problems.

This time of year for me is always the time I think about the UPS system. I know power outages can happen at almost any time during the year but when I look at the local weather forecast and see a big purple blop moving in my direction, it’s always … [Continue reading]

Installing HDBaseT in AV Projects: What You Need To Know

I have mentioned HDBaseT-2.0 in several of my previous Falcon blog articles. Falcon Technologies has been in the audio / video market for a number of years. I think the new HDBaseT-2.0 standard will have a significant positive impact on how A/V … [Continue reading]

Utilizing HDbaseT in cabling conference room and school room environments

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