AFL introduces pocket sized OTDR

Recently AFL introduced the Flexscan OTDR with Smart Auto and Linkmap. This pocket sized OTDR has every feature needed to test, troubleshoot and maintain your fiber network.

Click here for the latest spec sheet on this amazing product:

Lithium – Ion UPS Systems

Even though it is early in the game with UPS manufacturers selling UPS systems that utilize Lithium – Ion batteries instead of lead acid batteries, the benefits are what I would call a game changer. As Lithium – Ion battery technology becomes more refined and affordable, the benefits will change many aspects on UPS selection in the future.

Click here for a recent blog from Schneider/APC that details this topic:

The Internet of Things in Real Life

When I hear the term "the internet of things" I try to visualize how this will be used other than for smart home applications. Is anyone using it in a business environment?  Who’s using it? Who’s benefitting from it? How is it actually working for … [Continue reading]

Fusion Splicing vs Mechanical Splicing

We do a fiber optic  fusion splice class every six month or so for one of the classes we offer. One of the most asked about questions during is what is the difference between mechanical fiber splicing versus fusion splicing? Is one better in certain … [Continue reading]

New aisle containment system designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers

Legrand®, a global leader in high-performance network infrastructure hardware, today introduced Contain-IT FLEX, a new aisle containment system designed to maximize energy efficiency in data centers while eliminating many of the shortcomings that are … [Continue reading]

Using PMDs (Power Metering & Monitoring Devices) to Measure and Manage Energy Costs

Recently, I read an article from Schneider Electric (APC) about how the use of power metering and monitoring devices may be quite helpful in getting a more finite and accurate snapshot of power costs for facilities managers   Electric utility bills … [Continue reading]

New ways AI is integrating into your everyday life

Technology never sits still in our modern world. Just a few years ago I thought being able to control lighting, HVAC and many other features in your home or business with a smart phone was very cutting edge. In a recent Blog from Leviton they are now … [Continue reading]

Clean Cords are Reliable Cords

I recently read a blog from Fluke Networks on how important having a clean end-face on your fiber optic cabling. Not only can dirt and contaminants cause network failure but contaminants can vary in how they attach to your components and make … [Continue reading]

Can a Cat6 connector work on a Cat5e cable?

I have been asked many times weather or not mixing Cat5e and Cat6 components will cause issues. If you’re using Cat5e cable and all you have is newer Cat6 connectors, you may be all right. Generally, connectors may be backwards compatible with cable … [Continue reading]

Where and Why Will I Be Testing Category 8?

With no Category 8 components currently shipping and no 25GBASE-T/40GBASE-T equipment commercially available, it will likely be some time before you actually need to test a Cat 8 cabling system. But if you're in the market for a new tester, the … [Continue reading]