Choosing the Right HDMI Extender

As the audio / video market keeps expanding and new standards are rolled out it is sometimes a bit difficult in choosing the right cable and extender products for the project. Attached is a video by Leviton that may help you in choosing the right HDMI extender.

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Weatherproofing Cable Connections

Often weatherproofing gets overlooked because the tech has knows he is using corrosion resistant connectors and outdoor rated cable, but over time moisture can find it’s way into connector mating points and wreck an otherwise sound connection. It is always a good idea to weatherproof any cable connections that are located outside to keep any water from getting into the cable and causing any issues. Weatherproofing the cable is easy to do and is inexpensive.

Click here for an article from the Derek Solberg at Wilson Pro electronics as to how best to do this:

Why HDBaseT Requires Cat 6A

HDBaseT cabling requirements tend to be a bit confusing for a number of reasons. In some of the earlier years before version 2.0 there were a variety cable types that were acceptable depending on the manufacturer, the distance and bandwidth required … [Continue reading]

Battery Technology for Data Centers: VRLA vs. Li-ion

Lithium Ion batteries are slowly making their way into many applications where a smaller foot print  and a longer life was a necessity that over road the higher initial cost.  As Lithium Ion battery use has become more and more commonplace the prices … [Continue reading]

How Do You Know if a Cell Phone Signal Booster Will Work?

A question I hear often is How do I know if a signal booster will work for my location? Dropped calls can happen for a variety of reasons. In a business environment, dropped calls most commonly occur because of interference from building materials … [Continue reading]

Data Cable Composition for Medical Facilities

Where Health Matters, Material Ingredients Matter. I a recent article that I read from James Neely with Superior Essex Cable discusses how the health care industry is moving away from PVC based cable and more toward LSHF cabling. Click here for … [Continue reading]

IP Clock Systems

The master clock’s primary function is to receive accurate time and distribute that time to all of the secondary clocks throughout a facility or in some cases a number of facilities. The master clock is programmed to frequently send out a time signal … [Continue reading]

Digital Building Solutions

As technology continues to evolve in our world it seems like everything will somehow be connected to the internet, for better or worse.  With the recent advances in such concepts as the internet of things (IOT) and power over Ethernet (POE), creating … [Continue reading]

Testing with MPO Connectors – What’s New?

With the wide variety of standards relating to fiber optic cabling, the absence of published standards for testing fiber optic cabling terminated with MPO connectors might come as a surprise. Finally, a technical report (TR), written by a Fluke … [Continue reading]

2 Rack-Level Data Center Cooling Strategies

In this article from Belden they look at several ways to basic rack cooling in data centers and wire closets. These are Passive Chimney Containment and Active Chimney Containment. Click Here to see if either of these cooling strategies may be right … [Continue reading]