Why Category 5e Cabling is Becoming Outdated

It becomes increasingly difficult to justify an investment in cabling infrastructure that we know will be reaching the end of its useful life. With the ability to handle 1000 Mbps speeds (Gigabit Ethernet) at 100 MHz, Category 5e cabling will require an upgrade in the next few years in order to support the applications and emerging technologies that most enterprises will be using by then.

In this article from Belden, upcoming technology will have you replacing Cat5e sooner than later.

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Cable Labeling Best Practices, Circa 2017

Cable labeling is one of those areas that seems to often be overlooked in in the network. Often, there is limited or no compliance to the ANSI/TIA 606-B Standards for network labeling.  In a recent article from Fluke Networks explores implementing next-gen cable labeling solutions that make it faster and easier for contractors to accomplish this task.

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Benefits of Combining Ethernet Extenders with DMS Switches

All network managers are familiar with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the ubiquitous network management system for Ethernet networks. But most are less familiar with Device Management Systems (DMS) a technology for managing the powered … [Continue reading]

How to stay cool and protect your expensive network switches

A recent post from Geist Electronics addresses cooling problems that are very common this time of year. I know I monitor this closely to keep from having a melt down in our data closet. Every summer, it seems another heat record is smashed. This … [Continue reading]

Is Category Cable Enough for 4K/UHD HDBaseT?

In a recent post from Bob Ferguson at Belden posted an article pertaining to a question that often comes up here at Falcon. As recent test results show, category cables – which are optimized for Ethernet traffic – often struggle with the higher … [Continue reading]

Legrand releases second-generation Cablocut™ battery powered cable tray cutter

Legrand just recently introduced the second-generation Cablocut battery powered cable tray cutter. The Cablocut tool can easily slice steel and stainless-steel cable management trays up to 6 mm in diameter. Using it instead of a manual cutting tool … [Continue reading]

The Right Fiber Pulling Eye Makes All the Difference

In this recent blog posting form Carlos Matos from Belden, Carlos discusses using pulling eyes for pre made fiber cable. The installation process can be hard on fiber optic cabling. It can be damaged (broken or cracked) if pulled improperly, … [Continue reading]

Ladder Racks: The Cable Management Factor

In this recent blog post from Belden, the common ladder rack is discussed as to how it plays a critical role in your overall cable management. Ladder rack runways are effective, widely used cable management systems that support and deliver bundles of … [Continue reading]

Top 6 Things to Know About the New Category 8 Cabling Standard

In a recent blog post by Frank Straka from Panduit, Frank discusses some of the top items to be aware of on the new Cat8 standard. The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has published ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1, which supports 25, 40 and possibly … [Continue reading]

Bogen’s Talkback Amplifier allows your paging system to become a 2 way system.

The TBA15 amplifier allows a paging system to be used for hands-free, two-way conversation between a telephone system and remote speakers. The TBA15 uses the systemʼs speakers as microphones and feeds this signal out to a telephone line. When the … [Continue reading]