Hurricanes Offer Hard Lessons but Also Prove Value of Disaster Preparedness

I recently read this article from Anthony DeSpirito at Schneider Electric on disaster preparedness. Even though we are not affected much by hurricanes in the Midwest, there are plenty of other forces of nature that can have devastating results to our businesses and network infrastructure.

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Test Coupler Allows for Proper Testing of Direct Connect Termination

As more IP-enabled devices such as wireless access points are being deployed and connecting directly to the network for communication and data gathering. Direct connect allows you to connect a single cable to a device at one end; the other end of the cable is connected to the structured cabling cross-connect or inter-connect patch field. Until recently I did not know an additional coupler is required to do proper cable certification tests. In a recent article from Belden this topic is discussed. The article also show the adapter needed and how to properly set up the correct testing method.

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Security Retrofit

A data center which contained legacy enclosures from another manufacturer was upgraded to include Great Lakes ES enclosures. Over several years, all enclosures were physically modified and evolved from a standard handle to biometric handles on the … [Continue reading]

How Do You Choose Between the Different Types of PDUs?

A PDU is a device with multiple outlets designed to distribute electric power to computers or networking equipment within a rack.  Growing demand for computing power and constraints on physical space have led to even more densely packed rack … [Continue reading]

How Cable Temperature Impacts Cable Reach

In a recent article from Belden Networks  Ron Tellas  discusses how high cable temperatures are sometimes to blame for cables that don’t perform up to the promised 100 m. Cables are rated to transmit data over a certain distance up to a certain … [Continue reading]

Great new tester for both analog and IP camera systems

Being out in the field and not having the right tool or test gear can be frustrating. With the evolution of video security systems in recent years from analog to IP you may need separate test equipment for both. Recently Triplett has developed a … [Continue reading]

Integrated Cable Testing and Labeling

Fluke Networks and Brother are announcing an exciting new technology for cable installers to enhance jobsite productivity and quality using Versiv™ testers and the Brother PT-E550W industrial labeler. Specifically, it is an integrated cloud-based … [Continue reading]

A New Coax Cable Design

Many thought it would be impossible to design a cable to transmit a 4K UHD 12GHz video signal on a single coaxial cable. In 2016, Belden designed the first cable that does just that. Upon first glance it’s hard to see what makes this cable different. … [Continue reading]

How to Install a Wallplate 20% Faster

Sometimes unique and often simple inventions can make a big difference in saving a ton of time with common installations. One of these innovations from Leviton called Quickplate Tempo is one example of what I am talking about. Leviton is claiming … [Continue reading]

Copper Clad Aluminum is a Recipe for Failure

From time to time I run across really inexpensive structured cable from some lesser known venders. More often than not when I look at how the cable is constructed, I discover copper clad aluminum is being substituted for pure copper for the material … [Continue reading]