Choosing Ethernet Network Building Blocks: A Quick Guide

panduit network cables

Introduction Modern professional spaces, whether sophisticated offices or hardcore labor-oriented industries require strong communication networks throughout the day. Something beyond the strength of ordinary internet networking and that is where Ethernet comes in. Installed in software and hardware devices, Ethernet is embedded in the systems to build a local area network. It is one of […]


In a recent blog from Tom Kovanic from Panduit Corp. brought up that question. But just what is the difference between the two? Since the TIA ratified the specification for OM5, a wideband multimode optical fiber (WB-MMF), customers that are thinking about upgrading their existing infrastructure, or building out new, are asking a question: Should […]

What’s Driving the Increase in Data Center Density?

When we talk about data center density, what does that mean? To most, it relates to the amount of computing power (or power draw) per rack or per square foot. The more power per rack or square foot, the higher the density. Click here for the article from Dennis Blouin at Belden:

Picture Perfect AV Systems

Whether it’s video conferencing or digital signage, many of you are likely facing requests from your customers to deploy cable plants that support audio-visual systems. Many of these applications utilize HDBaseT or IP-based video transmission, and technology advancements now make it possible to deliver power to video displays simultaneously with these video signals over the […]

Standards: The What, How and Why

One topic that has come up many times over the years is why do I need to do something or buy a product that adheres to certain industry standards. In a recent article from Chris Long at Belden discusses the importance industrial standards. When manufacturers develop products in accordance with predefined standards, product development is […]

5 Best Practices for Certifying Next Generation Networks: Cleaning and Inspection

It’s no secret that the leading cause of optical network failures is contamination of connector ends. It is also something installers can easily prevent by properly cleaning all fiber end faces before mating to networks. Proper cleaning minimizes damage to connectors and equipment, helps provide accurate loss measurements and ensures the network will operate properly. In this […]

Why HDBaseT Requires Cat 6A

HDBaseT continues to grow in adoption and industry recognition,  InfoComm , the largest AV tradeshow in North America, displayed a widespread acceptance of this technology. HDBaseT can now be found in switches, extenders, displays, projectors, and a wide array of other AV devices. It is important that both AV and datacom design professionals understand best practices for […]

From Smartphone to Smart Home

You’re at work, you’re expecting a package, and you’re anxious to know if it’s arrived. If you have a security system you can monitor from your smartphone, you could use it to see if the box has landed on your doorstep.With smartphone technology, you can control many in-home systems from anywhere. Everything from security systems […]

What’s the Real Cat 6A Cable Distance Limit (and Why Does It Matter)?

The longer the path that data has to travel, the more susceptible it is to signal degradation. There are certain factors that can negatively impact data transmission along a cable, impacting the Cat 6A cable distance limit. In a recent article from Ron Tellas at Belden this subject is discussed along with what options Belden […]

Choosing the Right Size Structured Media Enclosure for Your Home

Structured Media enclosures make it easy to manage your home network connectivity and hardware, but choosing the right size can be difficult. With HDTV, Wi-Fi, video streaming, and high-speed Internet becoming essential components in the home, it’s important to consider strategies for organizing the devices that support your network. Structured Media enclosures serve as a centralized […]